Shuttleberg with verified length of runs as of 2016/17 season

The ski area between Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl expands to 40 kilometers of runs – verified by the Seal of Aprroval ‚Verified length of runs‘.

When remeasuring the kilometers of runs of a certain ski area usually gaps reveal themselves compared to the assumed values. On Shuttleberg, the ski area between the villages of Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl in Salzburger Land, it once was the other way around. The measurement in the course of certifying the lengths for Ski amadé region showed a significant increase in kilometers of runs for the Shuttleberg. Since a new, easy descent to Kleinarl will be opened for the season 2016/17 that alone measures several kilometers, it was decided to certify the 40 km of runs that will be available in 2016/17. A significant plus compared to the 2015/16 season’s 28 kilometers. All the more meaningful it appeared those responsible at Shuttleberg to confirm this increase of 12 kilometers externally.

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